Press release: 12.592-183/21

Each of 18 161 new employer enterprises created 3.4 jobs on average in 2019

Vienna, 2021-08-26 – 18 161 new employer enterprises were created in in 2019 in Austria, according to Statistics Austria's latest available data. Referring to the total number of employer enterprises on the market, this corresponds to an enterprise creation rate of 7.6%.

Statistics on employer business demography comprise not only enterprises that have at least one employee already at the time of their creation, but also those that become employers later on. Per newly created employer enterprise, 3.4 jobs were created on average.

The 18 161 new employer enterprises were accompanied by 21 441 closing employer enterprises, which corresponds to an enterprise closing rate of 9.0%.

In 2019, 18 459 new enterprises were created in Austria in the field of high-technology and knowledge-based services. 92.0% of these enterprises had no employees at the time of their creation.

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