Press release: 12.628-219/21

Foreign Affiliates 2019: little changes in the pre-Corona year

Vienna, 2021-10-05 – In 2019, some 11 700 enterprises in Austria operated under foreign control, according to Statistics Austria, around 200 or 1.6% fewer than in the previous year. They thus accounted for 3.3% of all enterprises in the market sector in Austria. Conversely, Austrian enterprises had around 6 000 subsidiaries abroad in 2019. In addition to Germany, the most important target country for Austrian foreign investments, these continued to be concentrated primarily in the central, eastern and south-eastern region of Europe.

Foreign affiliates in Austria employed one in five persons employed (21%) and accounted for more than one third (34.3%) of total turnover recorded for the Austrian market economy in 2019.

74.4% of foreign controlled enterprises in Austria had their corporate headquarters within the European Union. By far the most important partner country was Germany, counting for 39.4% of all cases, followed by Switzerland (11.3%), Italy (5.6%), the UK (4.4%), the Netherlands (4.3%), and the United States (4.2%).

Foreign affiliates could mainly be found in Germany (14.2% of all units or 13.2% of foreign employment). Ranked by employment shares, Germany was followed by the Czech Republic (9.0%), Hungary (6.4%), Romania (6.1%), the United States (5.4%) and Poland (4.6%). 66% of all foreign affiliates were located in EU countries, reaching a share in foreign employment of 63%.

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