ITGS-Atlas – Austrian foreign trade Atlas (interactive)

The ITGS-Atlas offers to the users of the Austrian ITGS a service following the rules of cartography which visualizes the imports and exports of physical goods.

In general, the spatial dimension is a determining element for the trade in goods and thus also for the International Trade in Goods Statistics (ITGS). As the import and export transaction of a country (e.g. Austria) with other countries (e.g. Germany, China, …) is represented.


For structural findings in ITGS usually a matrix comprising indicators like period of time, imports, exports, partner country and product is used. The ITGS-Atlas makes these indicators experienced cartographically. The basic setting entering the ITGS-Atlas shows the export of last current reporting year. Database updates will be done twice a year with preliminary and final full year results. It is possible to select different indicators with absolute value:

  • import, export, trade balance, change to preceding year – cartographical: figures (circles),

as well as indicators with relative value:

  • percentage share of several partner countries in Austrian foreign trade, relative change to preceding year – cartographical: area signature (associative colouring from blue (-) to red (+)).

Each klick will offer a total new visual image.

The Country Search allows a rapid and efficient locating of several partner countries (e.g. Mauritius, Palau or Djibouti). Label country names, city names or background map and water bodies can be added for an easier spatial orientation. Through the selection of a partner country (e.g. Germany) a window will pop up which offers detailed information, data tables and rapid graph. The export of data using .csf-datafile completes the combined package and thereby users already have the possibility of further analysis of their previously selected partner country information.

Due to Responsive Web Design the ITGS Atlas can be extended both to desktop computers as well as to mobile devices like smartphones or tablet PCs in a very user friendly way.

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