Press release: 12.418-009/21

Hospital discharges 2019: fewer and shorter inpatient stays

Vienna, 2021-01-21 – According to Statistics Austria, the number of hospital discharges in acute care hospitals was 2 558 049 in 2019, and 167 224 in long-term care, rehabilitation and prevention. These related to 4 524 477 medical procedures – 5.4% less than in the previous year. Almost three quarters of those were non-surgical, while about 28% (1 282 050) were surgical procedures. The average length of inpatient stays was 6.3 days in 2019. The number of day cases in acute care was 399 480 (17.0% of all discharges in acute care).

Particularly the number of day cases in acute care hospitals has risen more than fivefold since the 1989. Surgical procedures in a day-care setting have increased two and a half times during the last ten years (from 114 251 to 283 493). This is mainly the result of particular surgical procedures, primarily eye surgery, being increasingly performed without an inpatient stay.

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