Health determinants

Health depends on a variety of factors. Lifestyle, environmental conditions and social relationships are of decisive importance for the mental and physical health of an individual. These health determinants are factors that we ourselves can influence and are thus particularly important for preventive health.

There is little argument about the positive effects of physical activity and a balanced diet on health. Epidemiological studies show that health-conscious behaviour reduces the risk of being overweight and of developing osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Cigarette smoking, on the other hand, is regarded as the high-risk behaviour with the most noticeable effects on health. Preventative measures that contribute to the restriction or eradication of tobacco smoking should therefore be highly valued. Alcohol abuse and illegal drug use also have a substantial (negative) influence on health, and cost not only years of life but also cause high economic costs.

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Arbeitsunfälle und arbeitsbezogene Gesundheitsprobleme 2013
The present publication contains results on the ad-hoc module 2013 on “Accidents at work and work-related health problems“. Central issues are health risk factors at work, amount and type of ...

Release date: 11/2014 ISBN:978-3-902925-48-0




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Arbeitsunfälle und arbeitsbezogene Gesundheitsprobleme 2007
The publication contains results of the LFS ad hoc module 2007 on 'Accidents at Work and work-related Health Problems'. The central topics of the survey are occupational accidents, diseases and ...

Release date: 3/2009 ISBN:978-3-902587-89-3




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Soziodemographische und sozioökonomische Determinanten von Gesundheit 2014
Many countries observe socio-economic inequalities in health risks and in the distribution of health resources. People in lower socio-economic groups are more likely to experience a worse health ...

Release date: 09/2016 ISBN:978-3-903106-09-3




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