First Names of newborn babies 2020

In 2020, Marie and Jakob topped the charts of first names given to newborn babies in Austria. This result is based on the list of first names in original spelling and without special characters. In total, names of 40 669 newborn girls and 42 934 boys were analysed. Parents chose the name Marie 734 times (1.8%) for girls and Jakob 794 times (1.8%) for boys. Both reached the number one position for the first time since entering the top ten: Marie in 2009 and Jakob in 2010.

These results are also displayed in an interactive map of baby names (available in German only), showing all first names by sex and region since 1984, that occurred minimum two times in this period.

In addition to the charts of most popular first names in original spelling, statistics of first names with the same etymological provenance – summarised under the most common spelling in the period from 1984 to 2020 – are published. According to this statistics, Anna and Lukas were the most common names in 2020 – both for more than 20 years.

For more detailed information (also on methods and definitions) please refer to the German version.

Most popular first names for babies 1984-2020 in Austria - grouped by common etymology
Most popular first names for babies 1984-2020 in Austria - original spelling without special characters

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