Long-term trend and current final annual results

In the 1980s and 1990s, there were 85 000 deaths a year on average. The lowest number of deaths in Austria was recorded at 74 292 in 2004, rising by 897 to 75 189 in 2005. From 2006 to 2017 the number of deaths ranged between 74 295 (2006) and 83 386 (2019). In 2020, the annual total of deaths accounted for 91 599, which translated in a death rate of 10.3 per 1,000 of the population.

The balance of births and deaths was negative by -7 996 people. The infant mortality rate was 3.1 per thousand live births.

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Results (overview): Deaths

14.04.2022Number of deaths in Austria increased stepwise since the beginning of the yearPDF32 KB
17.02.2022Number of deaths in Austria in early February below the level of previous yearsPDF33 KB
15.02.20224 827 fewer births than deaths in 2021; number of births increased by 2.4% compared to 2020PDF31 KB
10.02.2022Number of deaths end of January on similar level as before the pandemicPDF33 KB
03.02.2022Rise in number of deaths since mid-JanuaryPDF33 KB
27.01.2022Number of deaths continues to decrease mid-JanuaryPDF33 KB
20.01.2022Number of deaths at the beginning of the year on the same level as before the pandemicPDF32 KB
14.01.2022More than 90 000 deaths in 2021; life expectancy remains below pre-pandemic levelPDF33 KB
05.01.2022Number of deaths decreased in mid-DecemberPDF33 KB
23.12.2021Number of deaths slightly decreased in last week of national lockdownPDF33 KB
16.12.2021Number of deaths remains at high level in early DecemberPDF32 KB
10.12.2021Number of deaths remains elevatedPDF33 KB
02.12.2021Number of deaths remains below level of 2020PDF32 KB
25.11.2021Number of deaths on highest level so far for 2021PDF32 KB
18.11.2021Number of deaths increases againPDF33 KB
04.11.2021Number of deaths remains slightly elevatedPDF33 KB
26.08.2021Number of deaths fluctuates in the first half of AugustPDF32 KB
29.07.2021Number of deaths in the first weeks of July lower than at the end of JunePDF31 KB
24.06.2021Number of deaths fluctuates since mid-MayPDF32 KB
27.05.2021Number of deaths continues to decreasePDF32 KB
27.05.2021Immigration ensured population growth in 2020 despite high number of deathsPDF32 KB
20.05.2021Number of deaths slightly decreased PDF32 KB
12.05.2021Number of deaths constant on high level PDF32 KB
06.05.2021Number of deaths increases again slightlyPDF32 KB
29.04.2021Number of deaths increased mid-AprilPDF32 KB
22.04.2021Number of deaths fluctuates but remains above the five-year averagePDF30 KB
15.04.2021Number of deaths increased above the five-year averagePDF32 KB
08.04.2021Number of deaths 1.7% below the five-year average PDF32 KB
25.03.2021Number of deaths increases againPDF32 KB
18.03.2021Number of deaths 12% below five-year averagePDF30 KB
11.03.2021Number of deaths in continuous decline since late JanuaryPDF31 KB
04.03.2021Number of deaths remains below the five-year averagePDF31 KB
18.02.2021Number of deaths continues to decline, mortality 1.4% above five-year averagePDF31 KB
18.02.2021Births and deaths in 2020: 7 024 more deaths than birthsPDF31 KB
11.02.2021Number of deaths decreases again; still 13% over five-year average PDF31 KB
04.02.2021Number of deaths 12.7% higher than the average of the previous five years in 3rd week of 2021 PDF31 KB
28.01.2021Number of deaths remains on same level, excess mortality decliningPDF31 KB
21.01.2021Number of deaths continues to decline in the new yearPDF31 KB
14.01.2021More than 90 000 deaths in Austria in 2020; life expectancy declines in the pandemicPDF32 KB
08.01.2021Number of deaths declines but remains on a high levelPDF30 KB

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